Testimonial 2

"I am a new barre fanatic. We moved to the area over the summer and I was intrigued when I saw Therapy Social Fitness. I decided to give them a try, wanting to try a new form of exercise. Over the past 7 months, I have gone through some very difficult life changes but when I was greeted by the owner, I immediately knew I would like the studio. You know the sayings that tells you to surround yourself with good people and their positive energy will rub off on you? Well that is how it is at Therapy Social Fitness. Not only are the classes amazing, the people are even better. I feel like the studio genuinely cares about their members for their lives inside as well as outside of the studio. I love the different classes taught by different instructors.

After every class, I love how my body and my mind are both constantly being challenged in different ways to work together in the best way possible."

- Jayshree Watkins

Nikki Hancock