Testimonial 3

"Therapy Social Fitness is more than just a workout studio- it is a collection of wonderful women, like minded individuals that truly lift and empower each other everyday. I found Therapy when my husband and I were new to north county, I wanted to find a studio but was nervous to just jump in anywhere. I tried out the 2wk promo deal and after my first class I knew I would sign up for a membership. Every instructor is amazing, all classes are different and challenging. The different class options really keeps your body guessing and I am in the best shape I’ve been in years. I’ve seen and felt the difference in my body and my attitude.

I can walk into the studio after a long day and instantly my mood is brightened because everyone’s positive attitude is contagious. I don’t feel like I’ve just found the best studio- I feel like I found a group of good friends. I am so thankful and I truly enjoy and love going to Therapy Social Fitness!"

- Jillian Gutierrez

Nikki Hancock