Testimonial 8

"I have been attending this studio for over 3 years and I tell you that it has never been boring or easy. Every time I attend any one of the classes that they offer from, Barre, TRX, Yoga, Stretch, Dance Cardio and Pilates Barre I walk out with a smile and a great sweat. I am so impressed with the level of instructors they have and the passion that each one of them have for the class they are teaching and for the attendees in the class. ALL of the instructors love to push us and help, if it lifting our leg higher or getting in the proper position or just keep us breathing.

I have been members at many different studios, big gym, small gyms and personal training but it is Therapy Social Fitness that has helped me the most. One of the results I have seen it my posture has never been stronger. I sit up straight at my desk, in my car and even walking down the street. My muscles are so strong and lean, and I know my back side looks good because my husband of 28 years tells me often."

- Lori

Nikki Hancock