Types of Therapy

All of our classes are for all levels. We are able to modify or advance each move for all abilities. So don’t sweat it, until you get here.



Have you ever wanted a dancer's body”? It does exist!  Many women take these classes on a regular basis because you are guaranteed to work the entire body in one 55 minute class. BARRE THERAPY is so much more than a Barre class.  It combines the best Barre moves with blasts of cardio and core Pilates elements for all levels and abilities. Our talented instructors provide a motivating environment, hands on corrections and moves that will have you feeling lighter, tighter and that burn that is addicting.  Grip socks required. All classes are 55 minutes filled great music and great women.


You have probably seen a TRX suspension trainer hanging at the gym and thought “what do I do with that? “  Introducing TRX THERAPYa total-body training class that allows you to work against your own body weight.  TRX classes will develop strength, flexibilty and core stability simultaneously.  It’s a killer workout for all levels and abilities. Wear tennis shoes, bring a towel , and be prepared to awaken your inner badass.

Private TRX sessions available on demand.



Oh Yes! Everyone loves to dance, even if you think you cant. Hip Hop, Dance Cardio Explosions, POUND, Adult Ballet, all of these challenge the mind and invigorate the body.  You will burn calories energize your soul and find yourself dripping in sweat. Dancing makes you feel alive.  Bring your sneakers!


Enjoy increased body alignment and core strength as a result of these mat Pilates Therapy classes.  Pilates Therapy is performed center floor on a mat and incorporates a variety of props such as balls, resistance bands and the Pilates stick.  A perfect pairing after a BARRE THERAPY or TRX class!

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Take your barre routine to new cardio levels